The Beginners Guide To Spearfishing Like A Pro

ocean spearfishingThere are many things that need to be taken into consideration prior to ever thinking that you are both able and adequately prepared for spearfishing. First of all spearfishing is not for your run-of-the-mill fisherman. Spear fishermen have the ability to swim for great duration’s of time while also having the ability to hold their breath and go to depths of up to 40 feet. This is extremely difficult because the pressures associated to this depth can be detrimental to an individual. You need to be up to hold your breath but more importantly you need to be able to get back to the surface for oxygen.

Another thing you must take in a consideration is the fact that you will be spearing fish that are often times very large. You will be diving down into crevices and rock formations to find these fish. Generally speaking when you spear them it is not an instantaneous kill so you will have to fight these fish while they pull line from your spear gun. Depending on the size of the fish in the depth of the water you need to take into consideration the fact that you may be under the water for an extended period of time which is greater than first anticipated.

Don’t Become The Hunted

You need to make sure that you do not pick a fight that you cannot win. But if it comes down to it there is no shame in releasing your spear gun and coming back to fight another day. There’s nothing worse than having a tragedy or loss of life while spearfishing. This is something that also needs to be taken into consideration. This is an extremely dangerous activity and you are not the biggest predator in the ocean. You need to stay vigilant and alert while swimming because sometimes the hunters become the hunted.

spearfishingWith this being said you also need to take into consideration that when you spear a fish that will be blood and other fluids released into the water. This will naturally attract other animals to this kill. You need to stale or in order to stay alive in these situations.

Your Gear Matters

Some of the gear you will need for starters include goggles, snorkel, spear gun and flippers. These are the bare minimums associated to spearfishing and often times these are the things that you will see both advanced and beginner level spear anglers use. The goggles and snorkel will allow you stay under the water so you have the ability to have a great visual of the area in which you are fishing. The snorkel makes it so you never have to break the surface and you can continuously sweep the zone which you are fishing. Flippers allow you to move fast and with greater ease. In the spear gun should be loaded but you should never have your finger on the trigger because you do not want to have a negligent discharge and accidentally shoot a spear through the water in a direction in which you are not paying attention.

Spearfishing is a great activity if you would your notion or big Lake and you wish to have both exercise and entertainment crammed into one fun filled afternoon. It’s a great thing to do both recreationally and if you’re in need of food. We hope that this beginner’s guide helps you to understand a little bit more of what goes in the spearfishing and some of the things you will need to become a formidable spearfishing angler.